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Η εταιρία La pupa από το 1982, δραστηριοποιείται στο χώρο της ανδρικής μόδας καταφέρνοντας να διανύσει μία αναπτυξιακή πορεία στο χώρο αυτόν, παρέχοντας σήμερα μεγάλες συλλογές που προορίζονται για να καλύψουν τις ανάγκες όλης της οικογενείας με μια τελείως διαφορετική προσέγγιση. Τα τελευταία 20 χρόνια έχουμε διεισδύσει στο χώρο της παραγωγής εμπλουτίζοντας έτσι τις συλλογές μας με πουκάμισα, παντελόνια, σακάκια , κοστούμια και παπούτσια με το δικό μας brand!!

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The suit in a man's life ...

An element that has always characterized the men's appearance is the suit, meaning a set of clothes, which are made from the same fabric. 200 years have passed and the different needs of each era, combined with the search for more comfort, leading to the creation of the modern male costume in the late 19th Century. So we find several variations that follow the dictates of the fashion, with sometimes closer, sometimes more comfortable lines. Focusing on the present, we'll take a look at options and clever tips relating to the masculine suit and matching in modern man. The most important thing to always consider when picking a men's suit, is that it must fit you perfectly either for an official or for  a casual appearance. Depending on the occasion you can combine your suit with  a tie,  a grabatoni, a scarf, a bow ties or a pochette (wipe which we put on the left external pocket of the jacket.)




Types of costumes

The costume for a man is a garment that is a real investment, which will accompany him in many moments of his life. Besides the color and patterns, another main element that a man should be careful about is the type of costume.


With Double-breasted jacket: this type of suit is tailored to confirm its name. It should remain almost always buttoned crosswise, to reveal its elegance.


Blazers: Blazers are double-breasted jackets with six metal (gold or silver) buttons. In fact, from all these buttons only the two bottom right actually buckle up. Two buttonholes simply decorate the two pointy lapels, while our jacket has double tearings, two pockets with ears and a chest pocket.


Tails: The tailcoat combined with a special tie with intense colour and a vest on which highlights, can be termed as an extremely attentive and outlandish attire. This option will give solemnity and prestige to the appearance of a man! The solemnity of a tails is not a risky option as it can easily be combined with a pair of fashionable shoes and a stylish shirt, that will bring out the body in case they choose to go out.


Tuxedo: there are two types of tuxedos, the single which consists of 2 pieces of different colour (jacket, pants) and the tuxedo suit that is in the same colour.

  • The Tuxedo Jacket is always single-breasted. The dominant colors are dark blue, black and white and the corresponding colours. The surface of the lapel is always covered with silk fabric, usually in the same colour as the jacket.
  • 2. The Tuxedo trousers are dark blue or black, the peculiarity which makes it stand out from the common textile pants, is the distinctive silk sash which is located on the outer seam of the trousers. Combined with a Tuxedo shirt, which is white or black with turned throws of the collar, double cuff for cufflinks and buttons some times are openly and others hiding with flap.




Years of experience

For more than 35 years, LA PUPA company operates in the field of male clothing, while specializes in the ' world ' of the suit, introducing, inter alia, a full collection of wedding shoes high quality costumes and excellent quality with our brand at the most competitive prices. In our company you will find modern and classic costumes that showcase your personal style with the signature of LA PUPA brand and that would be the ideal show for the most special moments of your life, giving you elegance and prestige. Our company is distinguished by its commitment to the values, insistence on top quality and love for innovation. In us you will find all the new fashion trends, always tailored to your type and your own personality!